2024 training is FULL.  Next training begins in March 2025.  Applications are now available.
For an application, contact Tracey Moon at traceyjmoon@gmail.com or 919-907-0579

Breathwork •
Heart-centered Facilitation Skills • Bodywork • Mindfulness and Inquiry • Movement

For the past decade we have shared the transformative and healing power of breathwork with hundreds of people.  Our participants have asked for more and we have responded with a new in-depth offering.  We are pleased to launch our Body-Based Breathwork Facilitator Training.  We are bringing a new flavor to the field of breathwork with the focus on bodywork, mindfulness, self-inquiry, movement, conscious communication and heart-centered facilitation.

In this 120+ hour training over the course of nine months, you will become part of a community of practitioners who want to make an impact in the world through the transformative practice of breathwork.  Depression, anxiety, loss, uncertainty, disconnection from the body and feelings of discontent are epidemic in our society.  Breathwork provides a guide back to a more balanced way of living.  In this training, you will learn techniques to unwind emotional patterns and physical trauma stored in the body which can prevent us from engaging in a fulfilling, loving and meaningful life.  

“Our basic work is to become full human beings, and to inspire full human beingness in
other people who feel starved about their lives.”
  Chogyam Trungpa

Mindfulness and self-inquiry practices are an integral part of the training. We believe in order to truly facilitate healing for others, we have to start with the self.  Individual, partner and small group reflection activities will be included to encourage introspection and cultivate more self-awareness and self-compassion.  Increased skillful awareness allows you to support others more effectively in their healing process. 

Safe space is an essential element in setting the stage for healing.  We will share with you some tools to create safe space but more importantly, we will model it for you through our teaching and our presence during our time together.  

You will learn the skills needed to offer one-on-one breathwork sessions and to facilitate group breathwork sessions as well as how to use the power of breathwork for your own personal growth and transformation.

Prerequisite:  One in-person Breath, Body & Sound retreat within the last 5 years.

Admission:  By application only.  To request application, email traceyjmoon@gmail.com.

“What impressed me the most was the gentle and loving leadership.  The pure inner joy they radiated was
evident in every session.  I left feeling renewed, rejuvenated and grounded.”
 Yvette B. Carlsbad, CA

This training offers:

  • Four four-day weekends of in-person sessions and all-inclusive accommodations and meals, starting at $292.50 per weekend at Sanctuary Retreat Center near Charlottesville, VA.  
  • Immersion in a community of people invested in growth 
  • Body-centered hands-on practices that facilitate increased awareness and healing
  • A focus on conscious, connected breathwork as well as other breath techniques
  • Self-inquiry, reflection, meditation and deep listening
  • Practices to regulate the nervous system, mood and generate well being
  • Tools for creating a safe environment for others to heal and flourish
  • Listening practices that promote insight, awareness and self-compassion
  • A framework for working with boundaries and ethics
  • Techniques to guide someone safely through an individualized and transformative breathwork process
  • A highly effective process for facilitating groups
  • More range to your therapeutic practice through breathwork, meditation and bodywork techniques
  • Expressive movement practices
  • The art of using music to effect transformation
  • 120+ hours of training including 80 hours of in-person training, 15 hours live webinars (via Zoom) plus at home learning through meditation, reflective practices and reading at your own pace.
  • A mentoring opportunity to assist in our Breath, Body & Sound retreats. Massage therapists receive 18-21 continuing education hours depending on location
  • Space is limited to 22 participants.  

“I loved the authentic and open space that was created for us to learn and experience in.  It felt very safe to me.”  Stephanie, LMBT Raleigh, NC


Who can take this training?

This advanced training is designed to expand the understanding and experience of breathwork, deepen your relationship to the present moment and learn tools to help others thrive in the world. It is not limited to any one background or profession although having experience with bodywork, yoga, counseling or energy work is helpful.

Is the prerequisite course necessary prior to applying?

Yes.  Prior to applying for the program, you must have taken the in-person prerequisite course, Breath, Body & Sound within the past 5 years. If you aren’t sure when you took your last Breath, Body & Sound course with us, please be in touch.  If you need to take the prerequisite course, we are offering it 7 times in 2024 on the following dates.  All of these locations meet the prerequisite requirement:

  • August 1-4 at Heartwood Retreat Center in Blue Ridge, GA  FULL, wait list available
  • October 5-11 at LePianore in Tuscany, Italy  FULL, wait list available
  • October 27-November 2 at Pura Vida Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica
  • December 28-31 at Sanctuary Retreat Center in Faber, VA
  • February 27-March 2, 2025 at Heartwood Retreat Center in Blue Ridge, GA
  • March 20-23, 2025 at Sanctuary Retreat Center in Faber, VA
  • April 19-25, 2025 at Ephesus Retreat in Turkey 7 spots left
  • October 11-17, 2025 at Le Pianore in Tuscany, Italy
  • April 18-25, 2026 at Bagus Jati in Bali
Our full schedule can be found here:

What are the dates of the training?  

The in-person portion of the training will take place over four weekends:  

March 27-30, 2025
June 26-29, 2025
September 25-28, 2025
December 4-7, 2025

Participants should plan to arrive at each weekend class between 1-3 pm on Thursday to get settled into their accommodations. You also have the option to arrive the day before on Wednesday.  Each weekend class will end on Sunday at 3pm.

There will also be three five-hour Zoom live webinars in June, August and November.  Dates TBD

Attendance is mandatory for all in-person and Zoom sessions.

Will this training be held every year?

Yes.  Applications for the 2025 training are available. 

                                                                                     Where is the training being held?  

This residential training is being held at Sanctuary Retreat Center in Nelson County, Virginia situated in the foothills of the Shenandoah mountains.  It is a place of depth, wholeness and presence – a beautiful mirror for this training.  The Sanctuary Retreat Center has on-site wellbeing services available (massage, energy work, acupuncture and emotional balancing) as well as walking trails and meditation spaces.

What is the cost of the training?*

  • $2,650 if application is received by October 1, 2023
  • $2,850 if application is received by December 1, 2023
  • After December 5, 2023 tuition is $3050 

Space is limited.  Early application is highly recommended to reserve your spot.

*Please see pricing below for accommodations and meals.  

Are payment plans available for tuition?

Yes.  A $500 deposit will be due at time of application acceptance.  A second $500 deposit will be due on December 1, 2024.  Final payment is due by February 1, 2025. 

You are welcome to make partial payments towards the second deposit and final balance as long as you meet the deadlines

What is the cost of the accommodations and meals at Sanctuary Retreat Center?

The cost for accommodations and meals begins at $292.50 per person for 3 nights, depending on your accommodations choice:

  • Couple, per person (queen bed) $292.50
  • Double, per person (two twin beds) $315
  • Small single $465
  • Large single $525

Extra nights prior to or after the training can be added for an extra fee (Wednesday and/or Sunday night – includes meals)

  • Couple or double per person, per night $100
  • Small single, per night $155
  • Large single, per night $175

Registration and payment for accommodations and meals will be made directly to Sanctuary Retreat Center through their online portal and will be due 30 days prior to each of our four weekend classes.

Can I commute to this training?

No.  Whether you live nearby or have alternative accommodations, the residential community-based experience is a vital part of the training.  All participants stay on-site with your choice of single or double accommodations.

                                                                                   I’m a massage therapist – will I receive continuing education credit?

We will not provide continuing education credit for this 120+ hour training.  However, once you have completed the training you will have an opportunity to receive NCBTMB continuing education credit if you assist us during an in-person Breath, Body & Sound retreat as part of your practical experience.  Please note assisting us is not required as part of the Breathwork Facilitator Training. 


I’ve met the prerequisite and am ready to apply for this training – what’s next?

Please request an application to apply for this training by contacting Tracey at traceyjmoon@gmail.com or 919-907-0579.  Once your application is reviewed and accepted, we will send you a link to reserve your spot in the training with a $500 deposit.  

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Reach out to either Tracey at traceyjmoon@gmail.com or 919-907-0579 or Sharon at sgnash66@gmail.com or 919-410-6274. 


“I came into this retreat having a vague idea of breathwork and realized after the first session that I had no idea about
the power of breathwork.  I am leaving a different and better version of myself with a more open heart, more love to
give and willing to be more vulnerable.” 
Maryam, Physician in Redwood City, CA