“This has been not only an extraordinary learning experience but a space for transformation to occur.  For anyone interested in reflexology this class is a must!”

Course includes EXPANDED 180+ page training manual with foot, hand and ear charts!

Stimulating the feet for healing purposes is known to have been part of the ancient health care modalities used by our ancestors all over the world. Many ancient cultures directly connected the health of the body to the health of the feet.  Integrative Reflexology® is a four-theory approach to reflexology. Structural Alignment Theory, Zone Theory, Meridian Theory and Psychoneuroimmunology Theory each serve as a different lens for understanding how reflexology works and how we can view the body in a holistic way, honoring its complexity.  This approach creates space for the body’s innate wisdom to provide the healing offered through an Integrative Reflexology® session.  This innovative whole-hand approach is gentle on the thumbs, fingers and the practitioner’s body.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to give and receive a full 60-minute Integrative Reflexology® session with the feet, a 30-minute Spa Integrative Reflexology® session plus a full 90-minute Integrative Reflexology® with the feet, hands and ears.
  • An Integrative Reflexology® approach with an easy to learn protocol
  • Foot soaks and the therapeutic applications
  • History and four theories of reflexology
  • Proper body mechanics for ease on the practitioner’s body
  • Factors that contribute to health and wellbeing
  • Cautions and contraindications for Integrative Reflexology®
  • How to market Integrative Reflexology® as an add-on service, integrated session or full session
  • Morning sessions includes lecture in theory, anatomy and hands-on demonstrations. Afternoon sessions include practical hands-on instruction

$445 early registration price, after $495

Continuing education hours
NCBMTB Approved 24 CE hours 

None.  Anyone who has an interest in this healing modality can take this foundational course!

Certification Requirements
Each participant will locate all reflex points on the feet and demonstrate basic reflexology technique and must show proficiency on a written exam.  After successfully passing, students will be certified in Integrative Reflexology.

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“Tracey and Sharon make a great teaching team and they made it fun and easy to learn the reflexology techniques. I would definitely study with them again!”

~ Justine J., LMT West Chester, PA