We will continue to offer live webinars.  In-person and international trainings have resumed.  

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A way to move forward:

Since June 2020, we have been bringing our trainings and retreats to you at home via Zoom. We know some of you may hesitate about taking a training through your computer and what I can tell you is that my first experience surprised and inspired me to say yes to this form of learning and engagement. It works and we think you will enjoy our experiential style.

The platform:

We use Zoom as our platform and send instructions on how to download the free app onto your computer once you register. It is best to use a computer or a tablet, rather than a phone, so you will have a bigger screen.

What we value:

Don’t worry – our online classes will not be huge and impersonal.  Most of our classes have between 8-20 people.  Those of you who have taken classes with us before know that we value the human connection and that’s why we will continue to keep our class sizes small. We value creating a training experience for you that allows for accessibility, connection and questions – just like in our live classes.

What we offer:

Our work emphasizes a whole person and body-centered approach to learning with mindfulness as a central, grounding principle at the core. With the state of uncertainty in the world right now, being present is more important than ever. Whether you are training with us in reflexology, bodywork for depression & anxiety or breathwork & sound healing, mindfulness is a thread through it all. We think you will notice the difference.

In person trainings and retreats:

Our in-person trainings and retreats, including international retreats have resumed.

Our workshop and retreat schedule:

We will continue offering our live webinars but less frequently than we did during the pandemic, instead of monthly we are now offering each of courses as a live webinar 3-4 times per year.   If it has a city, state or country next to the course title that means that it is in-person. If it says webinar that means it is a live webinar on a specific date(s).   You can find full details about our schedule and online registration here.

Be in touch:

We know a lot is changing and there continues to be a lot of uncertainty in the world. We want to be a loving reminder to you that in the midst of it all, there is a way to find solidity and peace as we move forward together in this new world.  Be in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Tracey:  919-907-0579 • traceyjmoon@gmail.com
Sharon:  919-410-6274 • sgnash66@gmail.com