We believe that inspiration and inner wisdom can more easily flow into our lives when we are present and attuned to what is happening in and around us.  When are are fully aware we are able to bring our full selves into all that we do and our being informs our doing.  This is a radical shift in a culture where we are often led to believe that it is our doing – high stress lifestyle, ever-increasing financial goals and competitive busyness – that informs our beliefs about who we are.

Our professional trainings, workshops and retreats emphasizes a whole person approach to learning with mindfulness as a central, grounding principle.  We know that how well you cultivate presence has profound impact on your personal and professional interactions with clients, co-workers, employers, family and friends.  This is why mindfulness is a thread in everything we offer whether you have come to learn from us about breathwork, meditation, sound healing, reflexology or ethics in the workplace.

We also know that place makes a difference and can vibrationally assist your retreat experience by reminding you to slow down, breathe with more ease, step into presence and remember your humanity.   This is why a large focus of our behind the scenes work is on the considerable care we take to select and bring you to special places in the world.   We frequently hold our workshops at retreat centers along the Appalachian mountains in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina & Virginia and internationally in Bali, Italy, Costa Rica and Turkey.

We value individual learning styles and create the space in our workshops and retreats for participants to get exactly what they came for whether it is learning new skills at their own pace, gaining insight, finding their voices, working with an injury or illness or deepening knowledge for their professional livelihood.   Our retreats provide an opportunity for real human connections as well as time on your own to restore and reflect inwardly.  We recognize the tremendous value of being in a community and we take the time to build a sense of connection, trust and safety within the group allowing for everyone’s individual intentions to be met.

We are passionate about create inspiring and heart-opening workshops and retreats for individuals and groups to make a difference in classrooms, workplaces, treatment rooms, homes and communities.  Our focus is on mindful awareness of the body and mind, relationship, communication and present-centered leadership.   We hope you’ll join us in bringing more presence, heart and kindness into the world!  

“One of the most profoundly transformative, nourishing & peaceful weekends that I have ever had in my life. Thank you for offering this life changing work.”

~ Ginger W., Catonsville, MD